[Samba] Advanced Logon Resources from Windows Server

rruegner robowarp at gmx.de
Mon Sep 22 14:11:03 GMT 2003

Hi , this is a job for
policies just like in win2000 with poledit
create NTConfig.POL with your wishlist
lay it in you netlogon share on samba...so this should work
user password change .next logon..i really dont know exact, but there was a
discussion here
will work  ( later ? ) with samba 3 which you should upgrade...but you can
create new passwords with usrmgr, and with password sync to
unix their can change it too ( this is what i have tested !)
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Subject: [Samba] Advanced Logon Resources from Windows Server

> Hi,
> My organization is an university with many student/teacher users.
> I have migrated from Win2000 Server to Samba 2.2.8 and I'd like to
> implement the following resources:
> 1) User logon in specific machines: I need student logon in only one
>     machine when doing tests.
>     For example: joe using pc1, mary using pc2, etc.
> 2) User logon in specific hours: the same application for tests.
>     For example: joe/mary using between 07:00 and 09:00 hours.
> 3) User must change password at next logon: when creating an user
>     or changing the password (because user forgot it).
> These resources work fine and easy with Win2000 Server, but I
> didn't find them into Samba.
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