[Samba] Samba 3 as PDC with LDAP as passwd backend

jean-marc pouchoulon jean-marc.pouchoulon at ac-montpellier.fr
Thu Sep 18 09:10:38 GMT 2003

>net getlocalsid gives :
>SID for domain WOODY is: S-1-5-21-3032950689-949544758-3596382992

	what is the answer of "net getlocalsid YOURDOMAINNAME" command.
This is the sid of the domain.
      It seems that domain name sid and local name sid can/must? be the
same on the PDC. I learnt that two machines on the same network can't
have the same sid, so on the PDC sid of the domain and sid of the server
must be different. ( if I am wrong tell it to me please )

>BTW, is it true that if I use 'pdbedit + the LDAP
>backend', I don't need smbpasswd for account
>management(and I don't need to create local unix
>accounts?) and probably that I don't even need pdbedit
>other than the initial setup as I can use the NT
>frondend ?

	 You may have your user on a ldap directory ( with nss-ldap) or
in /etc/passwd but the users must be present elsewhere.( I remenbered in
a mail something like "getuid must resolve" for samba )


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