[Samba] Question about new Samba 3 rc4 and BDC

Gabriel Matthews gabriel at cinergycom.com
Wed Sep 17 21:22:42 GMT 2003

I might see the answer here in the HOWTOs... I didn't see this before..

Can Samba be a Backup Domain Controller to an NT4 PDC?
With version 2.2, no. The native NT4 SAM replication protocols have not
yet been fully implemented. The Samba Team is working on understanding and
implementing the protocols, but this work has not been finished for

Can I get the benefits of a BDC with Samba? Yes, but only to a Samba PDC.
The main reason for implementing a BDC is availability. If the PDC is a
Samba machine, a second Samba machine can be set up to service logon
requests whenever the PDC is down.

So.. I guess the question needs to be directed to the SAMBA development
team, do they expect to have this functionality implimented in the final
release of SAMBA 3, or does anybody know yet?


On Wed, 17 Sep 2003, [ISO-8859-1] G=E9mes G=E9za wrote:

! Gabriel Matthews =EDrta:
! >I have looked a bit through some of the archives for this list, and I ha=
! >caught different ideas on this matter.. I've also read through the
! >HOWTOs on how to do this stuff, but I haven't received the same results
! >that I was expecting, so I need someone to help me out a bit, give me a
! >definite YES or NO and if YES, how?
! >
! >I have the latest release candidate of samba 3 installed on redhat-9.  I
! >want to make it a BDC with my existing NT 4 domain in a remote office on
! >its own subnet.  I also want to use Winbind to help keep from having to
! >have local accounts on the machines, so anybody can do what they want to
! >on any server.  I have no LDAP server to play with either,
! >
! >So, the question is:  Can Samba 3 function as a BDC in an NT4 domain, wi=
! >an NT4 server as PDC?  If it is possible, what are the tricks to getting
! >the samba server to join the domain as a BDC and communicate properly wi=
! >the PDC?   If it is NOT possible, does it then become necessary to make
! >the PDC of the domain a samba machine, and have all the NT machines
! >function as BDCs?
! >
! >I appreciate any help that you can give me with this.. I know there has =
! >be tons of people asking this same question over and over again, but aga=
! >I do appreciate any help.. Thanks!
! >
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! NO!
! Samba is able to be a PDC, or a BDC to another Samba, at least this is
! written in docs. The reason is, that NT4 domain controlers keep domain
! users, groups, etc in a special part (SAM) of their registry. About the
! possibility of  using winbind on the Samba BDC, it sounds interesting,
! but I don't know if winbind has a cacheing functionality, needed, if you
! realy want a true backup sollution.
! Good Luck!
! Geza Gemes
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"No.  I am your father."
  -Darth Vader, leader, devoted parent,
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