[Samba] Help using multiple file servers

Enrico Payne enricop at pharma.co.za
Mon Sep 15 09:10:55 GMT 2003

Hi, I was faced with the exact same problem. The work around was a multiple
step process

1) Create a profile and home directory for each user on all the servers
2) Copy the passwd, group and shadow files to all the servers every hour or
3) Each user has a 2 stage startup script, loaded from the profile directory
on each server. The first one called start.bat runs and loads the main
drives etc. it then runs home.bat which loads the users home drive of his
base server. The start.bat file uses directories on the local machine, while
the home.bat uses directories from the remote machine.
4) Password changes are done manually on the main server, and then a script
is run to copy the password files and updated profiles etc.

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> I am trying to setup samba so that I can authenticate users from a
> single server, but use multiple file servers to server the home
> directories and user profiles.  How would I go about doing this?
> Rob
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