[Samba] Can't join win2k-domain with samba 2.2

Ville Jutvik ville.jutvik at home.se
Fri Sep 12 22:30:17 GMT 2003


I'm the leader of a project which is going to establish thin clients based on KDE in our local college (I'm a college-student).
We're aiming for interoperabillity with the school's existing Windows-system so that the user doesn't need two accounts and is able to
access his/her files from both KDE and Windows. We're trying to accomplish this by intergrating PAM, SAMBA 2.2 and winbind on the
computer which is supposed to act as the terminal-server. It was here where we ran into trouble. We can't join the school's
win2k-domain and we don't know why. "smbpasswd" quits with the frase "Session setup failed" despite the fact that we have taken
smbpasswd's arguments directly from "Using Samba" (section "Acting as a windows-domain server"). With the debug-level raised to five
I can verify that smbpasswd is able to get a ip-lookup on the PDC. It connects to the server but quits imediately with the "Session
setup failed"-message. smb.conf is set to the right workgroup, security = domain, password server = * according to the instructions in
"using samba".
It feels like I have tried everything and I would be very very greatfull if anyone could give some kind of hint of what might be
causing this.
Best regards,
Ville Jutvik
ville.jutvik at home.se

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