[Samba] "word failed reading from this file" and samba-2.2.8a

Joshua Weage weage98 at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 12 20:52:53 GMT 2003

I'm getting the "word failed reading from this file" "please restore
the network connection or replace the floppy disk and retry" error with
a brand new notebook.  After opening the file, word stops responding
for about 45 seconds, then pops up this error.  Sometimes when I choose
retry, it will then load the file without a problem.  The machine is
running Windows XP and Office XP and is completely up to date as far as
OS and Office patches.

I can access this document just fine with several other machines with
the same operating system and patch level.

One previous poster said this problem was due to MSS and window size
differences on the client and server.  Is this the accepted solution? 
It seems to be a rather strange issue if it is.

Thanks for any help,

Joshua Weage


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