[Samba] Accessing Samba Shares with AD usernames

Tom Dickson bombcar at bombcar.com
Wed Sep 10 21:53:02 GMT 2003

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Just an add-on note: if you put

valid users =
write list =
guest = no

in your smb.conf for a given share, this seems to give write access to
anyone who can authenticate with the domain.

Hope this helps (we use it here - it seems to be the equivalent of
"Authenticated Users" under Windows 2000).

- -Tom Dickson

John H Terpstra wrote:
| On Wed, 10 Sep 2003, Lars Wiberg wrote:
|>I'm sorry if this post came through already ...
|>I'm working on a project where the plan is to place a number of Samba
|>servers on different locations as file and print servers. The samba server
|>is supposed to be a part of the AD, which is easily done, but the samba
|>servers are to contain a number of shares that only people with a valid
|>logon on the AD will be able to access.
|>How can this be achieved? Do I have to promote each Samba server to
becoma a
|>Domain Controller and create a trust between the DC and the Samba DC? I'm
|>hoping there is a way to make Samba check the login on the DC and based on
|>that give access to the share.
|>I hope I am being clear enough.
| Chapter 14, "File, Directory and Share Access Controls",
| Samba-HOWTO-Collection.pdf. This document ships with Samba-3.0.0, in the
| ~samba/docs directory. Available from links on the samba web site under
| documentation.
| I hope I am being clear enough also. If this does not solve your problem
| please let us know.
| - John T.
|>In short: An AD user wishes to access a Samba share, but needs to be
|>authenticated somehow.
|>I hope you can help me out.
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