[Samba] Problems joining a Samba domain

Peter Ulrich Kruppa kruppa at pukruppa.net
Tue Sep 9 17:08:20 GMT 2003


I am trying to set up a SAMBA-PDC for our school's network and
find a strange Problem with two Win2k workstations.

When I try to join the SAMBA domain I receive an error which says
the user account - I am using root - is unknown.

I call this "strange" because other Win2k machines on the very
same subnet work correctly - and what is even stranger:
I can manually access all server shares, when I use root's
(Of course I did a      net use * /d    and set back the machines
to a workgroup before I tried to join the domain)

Ah yes: I am running samba2.2.8 on a FreeBSD 4.8-RELEASE .

Please mail any ideas, I have got to get things working the next

Regards and thanks,


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