[Samba] Problems joining a Samba domain

SerpentMage (Christian Gross) mailing at devspace.com
Tue Sep 9 18:49:37 GMT 2003


Please read this URL and follow it step for step and you will see that 
it works...


Part of the problem is that when Samba tries to connect to the network 
the accounts you are trying to define do not exist (namely the computer, 
etc).  BTW you will need to disconnect all shares a computer has to the 
computer where you are trying to join the domain to.

Hope this helps...

Christian Gross

Peter Ulrich Kruppa wrote:

>I am trying to set up a SAMBA-PDC for our school's network and
>find a strange Problem with two Win2k workstations.
>When I try to join the SAMBA domain I receive an error which says
>the user account - I am using root - is unknown.
>I call this "strange" because other Win2k machines on the very
>same subnet work correctly - and what is even stranger:
>I can manually access all server shares, when I use root's
>(Of course I did a      net use * /d    and set back the machines
>to a workgroup before I tried to join the domain)
>Ah yes: I am running samba2.2.8 on a FreeBSD 4.8-RELEASE .
>Please mail any ideas, I have got to get things working the next
>Regards and thanks,

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