[Samba] smbmount slow connect on system with many files

james chubb jchubb at mail.com
Tue Sep 9 17:00:14 GMT 2003

I am mounting a WinNT server share from redhad 9, and it takes nearly 2 minutes to connect for the first time.  Once it connects everything is great.  

This server has hundreds of thousands of directories and files, and I believe it is taking a long time because it caches the directory information or checks all the permissions or something along these lines.  I setup another share without any sub folders and it connected very quickly.  Is there a way to disable these initial checks so it connects faster the first time?

I need to access files deep in the tree, but I have the full path already and it is only being used programmaticly so I don't need to do any browsing.

Any optimization tips would be greatly appreciated.

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