[Samba] Re: [OT]SPAM

Martin Pool mbp at sourcefrog.net
Wed Oct 15 06:50:28 GMT 2003

On Tue, 14 Oct 2003 07:56:18 -0500, tvsjr wrote:

> Helpful suggestions (although its too late for those of us already
> subscribed): Quit forwarding the list onto Usenet, at least with email
> addresses exposed (what's the real use of this, considering it's not that
> big of a deal for people to subscribe?)

I don't think viruses read Usenet.  I realize spammers do, but spammers
are a relatively small problem compared to Outlook viruses.

> Protect emails anywhere the list is archived/posted

Again, viruses do not read the archives.

People who are receiving viruses are probably getting them because their
mail was read on an infected Windows PC either by a subscriber, or by
somebody subscribed to an echo list.  Archives and NNTP mirrors are

If I could stop infected people subscribing then I would, but I don't see
how to do that.

So the only interim solution is to not post from an address without virus
filters.  I don't see any reason to force anonymous posts when you can do
it yourself and some people want to be non-anonymous.


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