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Leonardo Boselli leo at dicea.unifi.it
Tue Oct 14 19:15:26 GMT 2003

I do not understand wahat you are saying:
swen viruses i receive are of three flavours, mstly being 156 kB in size 
.... neve seen a 55kB one ..
anyway i got about 180 each day and i am very unhappy.
About showing in the lists: I use three addresses for lists, but oddly 
enough i receive about 180/day on one address, but only one each 
other day on the other two ...
I jist set my reader to leave in my [120 MB] box the messages above 
140 kB. This way I esclude most of the viruses, oince everuy thrre days 
i just browse the list and grab the one [or none] that is OK ... 
incidentallym ost of oversized messages even if not viral are usually 
worth the trascan ....

Il 14 Oct 2003 alle 7:56 tvsjr immise in rete
> The security of the mailreader has nothing to do with it. I run Eudora, and 
> my corporate installation of Norton AntiVirus catches every one of the 
> incoming Swen mails. However, I'm up to over 200 Swen mails a day, at 
> 55KB/ea., amounting to 11MB of transfer over my 144Kbps symmetrical IDSL 
> line. That's ~11 minutes of additional download time to fetch all of my 
> mail at the end of a long day, not to mention that it fills up my Sprynet 
> account's mailbox.
> Helpful suggestions (although its too late for those of us already subscribed):
> Quit forwarding the list onto Usenet, at least with email addresses exposed 
> (what's the real use of this, considering it's not that big of a deal for 
> people to subscribe?)
> Protect emails anywhere the list is archived/posted
> I don't have this problem with other lists (this account is subscribed to 
> at least 20), so there's no reason why we should have these problems here, 
> either.
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