[Samba] RE: SPAM

Rashkae rashkae at tigershaunt.com
Tue Oct 14 20:51:05 GMT 2003

On Tue, Oct 14, 2003 at 02:27:10PM -0500, Jim Morris wrote:

If people want to hide their return e-mail address to avoid this
problem, they are free to do so.  Just create something creative for
your From:.  Most decent e-mail clients will allow you to either change
From: on an individual message *or* create different mail
personalities.  This is sensibly left to the user's choice.

I can understand people getting frustrated at this cursed Swen virus
and its effects to people who post on this list.  But to keep things
in perspective, it has only been a few weeks, and it should not be
much longer before the virus starts dying down and becomes only a
rarely seen bad memory.  (Until the next outbreak, of course.  All the
more reason to not let your friends use Outlook.)

Personally, I rather receive replies to my posts directly, and am
happy with the configuration of the list.  Even though my e-mail
address has been made public through this list for a long time, Spam
(in the form of UCE) has been light.  This Swen virus has kept my
inbox more active, but should be a temporary inconvenience.

> I have to agree with the others on the need for the mailing list to do 
> something.
> I just posted to the Samba list for the first time in a couple of 
> months, and since doing so, have gotten 3 or 4 dozen of these virus 
> emails. And I run server based email filters - these are the ones that 
> are getting through the filters!  The viruses don't infect me, as I 
> only read mail from Linux or Mac OS X, but they are clogging my inbox.
> The point is - I posted one question to this mailing list today, and in 
> the 4 or 5 hours since, have averaged 10+ virus emails an hour.  I am 
> not sure what can be done though.  The mails don't even have me as the 
> "To:" address - instead I think they are getting BCC'ed to me by 
> whoever on this list is infected.
> I would gladly forgo direct replies from this list, and have replies 
> posted only to the list address, if it would eliminate the problem.  In 
> other words, the list would almost have to run with anonymous postings 
> or something, for that to work.  Obviously you would have to be a 
> subscriber to post, but the emails would be stripped by the mailing 
> list manager.
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