[Samba] Error when creating user with Samba 3.0 & LDAP

Nicko nicko at free.fr
Sun Oct 12 20:44:08 GMT 2003


I just install OpenLDAP 2.0 and Samba 3.0. (both from RPM).
I used tools from idealx (found in src from Samba 3.0) to populate the ldap
tree. My ldap is empty when i start, i just added index and samba.schema in
I used net rpc getsid to generate my domain SID and put in the
smbldap_conf.pm with others options (dc, ou, dn etc.)
I didn't get any error with this tool, it create 21 entries.
I can view the users (Administrator, nobody) and Groups (Admins etc.) with
the module "LDAP Users and Groups" from Webmin.

But when i triy to add user with smbpasswd ou pdbedit i get these errors in
debug mode (this user is an unix user).
ldapsam_search_one_group: Problem during the LDAP search: LDAP error:  (No
such object)ldapsam_search_one_group: Query was: ou=Groups,
ldapsam_add_sam_account: failed to modify/add user with uid = nicko (dn =
Failed to add entry for user nicko.
Failed to modify password entry for user nicko

Please help, i'm sure i'm not far from light now ...


Nicolas Schrevel

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