[Samba] bug report

Poplawski, James james.poplawski at ngc.com
Wed Oct 8 19:18:07 GMT 2003

Good day,
	We have recently started running Samba (obtained from HP as
CIFS/9000).  There is a problem with the magic script option under the
shares.  I've set up a magic script for the share /tmp and when I edit and
close the file, the only thing that is done is that the file is deleted.  If
I put the same script in /opt/samba/bin, then the one in /opt/samba/bin is
executed when I put a script of the same name in /tmp, and then the output
is put in /tmp and the script is deleted from /tmp.  If the actual script is
different, you can tell that the one being run is the one in /opt/samba/bin
and not the one in /tmp.  If it's a path issue on the UNIX side, that's not
good, because I don't want to add everyone's home directory to the path
Samba will run through.

	The section of the smb.conf file reads as follows: 
path = /tmp 
magic script = pops.sh 
magic output = pops.out 

	We'd like to use this feature to allow the users to do automatic
check-in/check-out of source code to our source code tracking system on the
HP host from their Windows 2000 workstations.  But the script would have to
be different (obviously) each time, but could have the same name. 


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