[Samba] Samba + Cups + Filter Access

Sheldon Hearn sheldonh at starjuice.net
Wed Oct 8 15:17:25 GMT 2003

On (2003/10/08 10:51), Chris Smith wrote:

> What you can do to troubleshoot your problem, narrow your search, and to ask 
> for assistance in the right place is to re-create the scenario with an 
> attempt to print to CUPS via IPP instead of Samba. This is a more direct 
> route and takes Samba out of the picture. If the problem is ameliorated then 
> maybe the issue is Samba related. If printing via IPP doesn't ameliorate the 
> problem then you know for sure that Samba is not the place to look.

But alas, printing with IPP is fine. :-)

I'm seeing the same problem, with either 2.2.8a and 3.0.0.b3 on the
print server and Windows XP on the print client.  Printing from *NIX
clients with CUPS works fine.

Note that this still doesn't mean the problem is definitely in Samba
(although see the WERR_ACCESS_DENIED error below).  It could be a
problem with the cups-samba drivers themselves.  I'm using cups-1.1.18
and cups-samba-1.1.18.

Anyway, I turned on log level 9 for samba, but the resulting log file
was pretty overwhelming.  There's at least one WERR_ACCESS_DENIED
returned from _something_, but the log is so noisy I can't tell what the
return came from.

I've made the full debug log available for download at:

	http://starjuice.net/winxp_print_failure.log	[619KB]
	http://starjuice.net/winxp_print_failure.log.gz [ 32KB]


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