[Samba] Group not found, (objectclass=sambaGroupMapping) (gidNumber=4294967295) ???

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Mon Oct 6 14:06:05 GMT 2003

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easbury at vogeleamerica.com wrote:
| I am sure that I don't quite have LDAP setup with the proper Samba
| but I only need a "bread crumb" to get me pointed in the right direction.
| Where do I find some information on how and where to place the
| sambaGroupMapping, sambaUnixIdPool, sambaIdmapEntry (automatically
| created?), and sambaSidEntry in the LDAP tree.  Could someone just
give me a
| little hint as to where the information might reside or give me enough
| to get my LDAP tree corrected?? Please!

Group mapping are managed by 'net groupmap'.

The sambaUnixIdPool, is generated from the idmap uid and
idmap gid ranges defined in smb.conf

sambaIdmapEntry directory entries are created by winbindd
as needed

sambaSidEntry is a single structural objectclass for
defining SIDs.  You don't need to place this anywhere.

So if you setup something like

	ldap suffix		= dc=plainjoe,dc=org
	ldap user suffix	= ou=people
	ldap machine suffix	= ou=computers
	ldap group suffix	= ou=group
	ldap idmap suffix	= ou=idmap

along with the 'ldap admin dn' and winbind parameters,
all of the entries in question should be created
automatically for you.  But make sure that the 'ldap admin dn'
has write access to the 'ldap suffix' subtree (including
the ldap suffix DN).

cheers, jerry
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