[Samba] Group not found, (objectclass=sambaGroupMapping) (gidNumber=4294967295) ???

easbury at vogeleamerica.com easbury at vogeleamerica.com
Mon Oct 6 12:57:23 GMT 2003

I am sure that I don't quite have LDAP setup with the proper Samba entries,
but I only need a "bread crumb" to get me pointed in the right direction.
Where do I find some information on how and where to place the
sambaGroupMapping, sambaUnixIdPool, sambaIdmapEntry (automatically
created?), and sambaSidEntry in the LDAP tree.  Could someone just give me a
little hint as to where the information might reside or give me enough info
to get my LDAP tree corrected?? Please!

Ed Asbury
Systems Admin/Programmer
Vogele America, Inc.

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