[Samba] Multiple Group permissions with Samba

Adam Williams adam at morrison-ind.com
Fri Oct 3 17:29:31 GMT 2003

> > We have 4 directories. Call them directory "a, b, c, and d".
> > We also have 4 groups. Lets call them "admin, user, exec, db."
> > We would want "amdin" group full control over all directories.
> > Next we want group "user" to have read only rights to a & b. No rights to c & d.
> > Group "exec" needs read only rights to c & d but read & write/modify priviledges to a & b.
> > And the "db" group needs write/modify priviledges to all directories but not full control. 
> All of this can be accomplished using Samba-3 with POSIX ACL support 
> and both a Linux kernel/filesystem that support POSIX ACLS (right now 
> that appears to be only ext3 and XFS). If you set up Samba that way, 

We use the XFS kernels and libraries from SGI's XFS project on RH9 with
great success (and performance, BTW).

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