[Samba] Multiple Group permissions with Samba

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at backtobasicsmgmt.com
Fri Oct 3 17:15:40 GMT 2003

anth jaz wrote:

> We have 4 directories. Call them directory "a, b, c, and d".
> We also have 4 groups. Lets call them "admin, user, exec, db."
> We would want "amdin" group full control over all directories.
> Next we want group "user" to have read only rights to a & b. No rights to c & d.
> Group "exec" needs read only rights to c & d but read & write/modify priviledges to a & b.
> And the "db" group needs write/modify priviledges to all directories but not full control. 

All of this can be accomplished using Samba-3 with POSIX ACL support 
and both a Linux kernel/filesystem that support POSIX ACLS (right now 
that appears to be only ext3 and XFS). If you set up Samba that way, 
the security permissions can be managed from a Windows client just as 
if it was a Windows server and the user really can't tell much difference.

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