[Samba] Samba BDCs and trusts.

Nicolas Lopez nlopez at espri.arizona.edu
Thu Oct 2 18:45:17 GMT 2003

  OK, I think I've hit a misfeature in samba 3.0(release, Debian/sid)
when it comes to using both Samba BDCs and domain trusts.  It seems that
the domain trust password is stored in the secrets.pdb on the server
establishing the trust.  This, obviously doesn't facilitate BDCs
exercising the trust relationship, or being at all accessable from
workstations on the other side of the trust.

  I have a two way trust established between the old Win2k domain and
the new Samba domain I'm trying to transition to.  It seems to work, I
can browse shares, etc as a user from the 2k domain, and login as a user
from the Samba domain on any workstation in the 2k domain.

  The BDC throws NT_STATUS_CANT_ACCESS_DOMAIN_INFO errors when a
2k-domain workstation tries to access it.

  So my big question, is this just something that hasn't been
implemented, or a new odd quirk of NT networking?

  - Nick Lopez
    nlopez at espri.arizona.edu

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