[Samba] Login Script Doesn't

Frederico Madeira fred at farmaciadospobres.com.br
Fri Oct 3 14:31:29 GMT 2003

I've create file in windows 2K.

If i run login.bat manualy from win9x machine he appear the same result,
so in this case, the operations was made .

Frederico Madeira
Coordenador de Suporte
N. Landim Comércio Ltda
PABX: 81. 3497.3029
e-mail: fred at farmaciadospobres.com.br

Em Sex, 2003-10-03 às 10:08, Adam Williams escreveu:

> > I have a login script  called by login.bat. In win 2k and xp, he works
> > fine (map drivers and sync time) but in win 9x machine he don't work. He
> > start the dos windows show running the commands, tell me that map ans
> > syc was ok but noting is shared and time isn't sync.
> > I don't know what occour.
> Are you sure you have CR/LF umulats in the login script (i.e. you
> created it and saved if from an M$-DOS editor like edit or notepad)?
> Also, the "net" commands are slightly different between 9x and NT.
> We do something like -
> @echo on
> net time \\barbel /set /yes
> if %OS%.==Windows_NT. goto WinNT
> :Win95
> net use e: \\sardine\pubapps
> net use h: \\sardine\pubdata
> net use g: \\sardine\kal_data
> net use f: \\sardine\homedir
> net use l: \\sardine\br_data
> goto end
> :WinNT
> net use e: \\sardine\pubapps /persistent:no
> net use h: \\sardine\pubdata /persistent:no
> net use g: \\sardine\kal_data /persistent:no
> net use f: \\sardine\homedir /persistent:no
> net use l: \\sardine\br_data /persistent:no
> rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /y /n "\\barbel\kalps"
> :end

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