[Samba] auto logout when already logged in

inkwire at thegoldenear.org inkwire at thegoldenear.org
Sat Oct 18 18:16:04 GMT 2003

when people login concurrently from more than one Windows 2000 SP3 workstation to 
my Debian Samba 2.2.3a-12.4 domain, they can't then logout on either workstation, 
choosing 'log out', 'restart' or 'shut down' produces absolutely nothing. so I'm looking for 
a means to automatically logout / disconnect people when they login from another 
workstation and are already logged in elsewhere; anyone know of one?

(tho it may not be advisable practice, Windows NT4 Server is happy for people to login 
concurrently from Windows NT4 Workstation)


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