[Samba] netbios and samba

ian knapper ian.knapper at singlepointsolutions.co.uk
Fri Oct 17 15:43:50 GMT 2003

Hi all

Bear with me on this one...

We have a problem connecting to a specific port via Oracle TNSPING

There are two PC's in our office that are on the same network as the server
(i.e. my desktop PC can not get to the server)

The server has multiple network interfaces, the primary is a gigabit fibre
card on IP xx.16.

The secondary is a megabit card on IP xx.80

The tnsping command fails when run against the hostname.

But when run against the IP address xx.16 it works

When run against the IP address xx.80 it fails again.

>From the client PC's

'ping -a xx.16' returns hostname HC_LIVE

'ping -a xx.80' returns hostname HC_LIVE

Both commands get a good responce.

xx.16 is the primary IP address on the server.

There is no DNS server on either the client PC's or the server.

I have been lead to believe that the case of the servername (HC_LIVE) is
important as it shows that the names are being passed by Netbios as opposed
to DNS.

- Is this correct?

Assuming so, I had a look at the netstat from the server an extract from
"netstat -A" is shown below:

f1000089c3e25600 udp4 0 0 hc_live.sing.netbi *.*

f1000089c3e25400 udp4 0 0 *.*

f1000089c3e25300 udp4 0 0 hc_live.sing.netbi *.*

f1000089c459c900 udp4 0 0 *.*

f1000089c6bbd800 udp4 0 0 loopback.57393 *.*

f1000089c609d000 udp4 0 0 loopback.57456 *.*

f1000089c3a31d00 udp4 0 0 loopback.48500 *.*

This looks as though netbios has associated itself with the xx.80 address.

- Is this correct?

Why does the command not get access to the port it requires when the xx.80
address on the server is used?

How do I associate the netbios name HC_LIVE with the xx.80 address -
stop/start the nmb, reboot...?

(this is a live box so any change with out a reboot would be nice.)

Do you need any more information?

All comments welcome!

Best regards,


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