[Samba] Cannot compile - missing <make>

Jose Lerebours lereboursjose at hotmail.com
Sat May 31 16:04:07 GMT 2003

This is the very first time I ever tried to compile anything since

I'm using SCO 5.0.5.

I installed GNU gcc and the Linker package(s) from my SCO dist disc.

After running ./configure --with-smbwrapper, I can't find  `make` to
continue and compile ...

My book, Using Samba (O'Reilly), says that `make` and then `make install`
should be my next step.  It also mentions that `make` should be executed
while within the <source> directory.

I can't find `make` any where in my system.  Should it have been created
by `configure` or must it be installed?

Thank you all in advance for your prompt assistance!

Jose D Lerebours
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