[Samba] required entries in ldap for samba...

Chris McKeever cgmckeever at prupref.com
Sat May 31 15:11:03 GMT 2003

>  I sucesfully linked my samba install with a ldap database, 
> and smbpasswd -a
> works with user adds, etc.  But - I know that in order to 
> join the domain
> from WIN2K and XP I need to provide a username/password - 
> exactly what ldif
> entries are needed in my ldap db for that?  Is it 'administrator' with
> a uid of 0 - Can I use smbpasswd to make this, or ldif/ldapadd?
>  Thanks....

you need to make a machine account (that is what the username/password

There is a utility called smbldap-tools which has a user add script that can
be called transparently when trying to join a computer to the domain.  This
script creates the machine account (machinename$).  You could create them by
hand but that becomes a bit more laborious.

When it asks you for an authorized user/password you can simply use
root/password or if you have domain admin group defined, any of those users
will let allow the script to execute and create the machine account.

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