[Samba] Making winbindd and pam_mount play nice together (2nd try)

jim feldman jmf at jim-liesl.org
Sat May 31 19:04:13 GMT 2003

pam_unix (the default under RH) and pam_mount work fine for me.  I'll attach 
the log to the bottom. 

From: Andrew Bartlett <abartlet at samba.org>
>pam_winbind hasn't in the past been the best at passing on/keeping all
>the credentials.  It it quite possible that there are issues there.  If
>you can show it works for another PAM module, I'll try to see what's
>different about it.

My employment contract would make it difficult for me to contribute code, 
but I'll be happy to test and document.  I know this seems like a niche 
request, but this is a big thing for pulling Linux into the schools here. If 
we can make this fly, I think we could displace 10% of the M$ desktops in 
the first year.  Our other impediment is some horrificly written, "WINE 
proof" windoze code, but thats another battle. 

>I'm also quite interested in the idea that we could pass pam_mount some
>of the information we get from the logon request - like the location of
>the home directory, if somebody wants to work with me on developing such

Red Hat Linux release 7.3 (Valhalla)
Kernel 2.4.18-27.7.x on an i586
login: bob
pam_mount: adding to command: /usr/sbin/lsof lsof
pam_mount: reading options_require...
pam_mount: options: nosuid nodev
pam_mount: adding to command: /bin/mount mount -t smbfs
pam_mount: adding to command: /bin/umount umount
pam_mount: adding to command: /bin/mount mount -p0
pam_mount: checking sanity of volume record
pam_mount: back from global readconfig
pam_mount:  does not exist or is not owned by user
pam_mount: expand_wildcard for &
pam_mount: expand_wildcard for bob
pam_mount: expand_wildcard for /home/winnt/&
pam_mount: expand_wildcard for /home/winnt/bob
pam_mount: expand_wildcard for uid=&,gid=&,dmask=0750,workgroup=MAIN
pam_mount: expand_wildcard for uid=bob,gid=&,dmask=0750,workgroup=MAIN
pam_mount: expand_wildcard for uid=bob,gid=bob,dmask=0750,workgroup=MAIN
pam_mount: real and effective user ID are 0 and 0.
pam_mount: about to perform mount operations
pam_mount: information for mount:
pam_mount: --------
pam_mount: (defined by globalconf)
pam_mount: user:          bob
pam_mount: server:        mainad1
pam_mount: volume:        bob
pam_mount: mountpoint:    /home/winnt/bob
pam_mount: options:       uid=bob,gid=bob,dmask=0750,workgroup=MAIN
pam_mount: fs_key_cipher:
pam_mount: fs_key_path:
pam_mount: mount command:          /bin/mount

pam_mount: --------
pam_mount: checking to see if //mainad1/bob is already mounted
pam_mount: creating mount /home/winnt/bob
pam_mount: checking for encrypted filesystem key configuration
pam_mount: about to start building mount command
pam_mount: mount type is SMBMOUNT
pam_mount: waiting for homedir mount
pam_mount: arg is: /bin/mount
pam_mount: arg is: mount
pam_mount: arg is: -t
pam_mount: arg is: smbfs
pam_mount: arg is: //mainad1/bob
pam_mount: arg is: /home/winnt/bob
pam_mount: arg is: -o
pam_mount: arg is: username=bob,uid=bob,gid=bob,dmask=0750,workgroup=MAIN
Last login: Sat May 31 12:33:30 from localhost
[bob at localhost bob]$ df
Filesystem           1k-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/hde6              1004024    124568    828452  14% /
/dev/hde5                23270      8334     13735  38% /boot
/dev/hde8                31079        13     29462   1% /boot2
/dev/hdf9              4032092   2058116   1769152  54% /home
none                    111764         0    111764   0% /dev/shm
/dev/hde9              5463156   3535616   1650020  69% /usr
/dev/hdf8               396623     61662    314480  17% /var
/dev/hdf6             10231392   9370616    860776  92% /music
//mainad1/bob         19543040   1450496  18092544   8% /home/winnt/bob

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