[Samba] Users losing connection at random

Chris McKeever cgmckeever at prupref.com
Thu May 29 20:42:10 GMT 2003

what linux distro are you using...I had myseterious dropped connections with

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> First let me start off by thanking you for your time.
> I have what I think is a unique problem.  Daily on average 
> there are about 
> 67 users that connect to my server.  Usually I will get a 
> call from 1 or 2 
> of them in the morning saying that they cannot log onto the 
> server.  The 
> message they keep receiving is that their domain password is 
> incorrect.  I 
> have exhausted myself with research and cannot find a fix for 
> this.  So 
> far my only resolution has been to restart the smb service.  
> Once I do 
> that, my two users can immediately log in.  This as you can 
> guess creates 
> issues for those who were logged in.  Also, at some point 
> during the day I 
> will get a series of calls from a different set of users 
> stating that they 
> cannot access they're share anymore.  But, if we wait five 
> minutes or so 
> it comes right back.  There is no need to log off and back on 
> again. Print 
> ques also seem to be affected.
> I've tried to look for something that is consistent about 
> this problem and 
> so far it is only the times of day that it happens.  Usually 
> around 9am or 
> 1pm.  Nothing else clicks.  I'm using '98, 2k and XP clients 
> throughout my 
> building.  It originally started out that it was only the '98 
> systems who 
> were effected but lately it has spread to some 2k machines.  
> XP does not 
> have the password problem but we do lose access to shares.  
> It just seems 
> to randomly pick users at will.  It does not keep happening 
> to the same 
> individual or machine.
> On top of all of that my putty (ssh) sessions now blow up 
> once in a while. 
>  I was using webmin as a guide but it kept going wild on my 
> smbpasswd file 
> so I removed it.  Since it's removal my files have not been 
> "mysteriously" 
> altered.
> Has anyone else experienced the same problem and can help 
> guide me in the 
> right direction?
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