[Samba] edirectory and samba

Tori Williamson tori at bsitpa.com
Thu May 29 21:49:53 GMT 2003

Yeah, I can add it in, but there are two issues:

One, I don't know what to add beyond the rid that's might be important,
nor do I know how to add a machine name. I don't have any LDIF examples
to go off of. That would be a fall back for me of sorts if I could.

The bigger issue, is that I was hopping to use the smbldap-passwd.pl
script that SMB access to change the users domain password. That script
works fine, until the presence of sambaAccount in the user entry. Then
it freaks out and updates nothing. Take the sambaAccount objectClass out
of the entry, and all is fine for using the script to change passwords

I just wish I know what the problems with the sambaAccount objectClass
and it particular attributes were. The schema added fine. It's to bad
the error messages aren't more specific to the problem.


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> Can you add sambaAccount with ConsoleOne?
> Tori Williamson wrote:
> >Essentially, at this point my head is about to explode.
> >
> >I have been able to update the most recent samba-nds.schema from the
> >LDAP CVS at samba.org. And I can add posixAccount users with the
> >LDAPTools. But I cannot add anyone as a sambaAccount
> (./smbldap-useradd
> >-a "username"). Each time, it adds the posixAccount portion to
> >eDirectory, and then failes the sambaAccount add portion.
> >
> >Is there ANYONE who has some experience using the LDAPTools
> from IdealX
> >with eDirectory? Anyone at all? Is there some error in the
> scripts? Or
> >some addition/modification I need to make to NDS?
> >
> >Many thanks in advance!
> >
> >Tori
> >
> >
> >
> >

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