[Samba] mount dies misteriously

Balla Zsolt zsolt.balla at plazakommunikacio.hu
Wed May 14 13:01:44 GMT 2003

Hi samba gurus,

A samba connection between a RedHat 9 and a win2000 is given, where
mount -a sometimes (sometimes - i couldn't notice any order in that)
dies completely.
If it is during the boot process, the whole boot process stops without
any further error message or anything. (you have to enter the
interactive startup, say no to the smbmount and say mount -a as root
from a console)

the specific line in /etc/fstab is:

//andrea/plazazaza	/plazazaza		smbfs	user,uid=500,username=samba,password=samba	0	0

share and directory names and chmod are correct, as it - suprisingly -
mounts the directory, the problem is that it doesn't give back the
command line (the suprising and misterious thing is that it sometimes
does), so i have to kill the smbmount process or close the console.

if it seems to work properly (it mounts the directory and gives the
command prompt back) and you say umount -a and mount -a again, it may
stop without any further reason (and any error message).

it is annoying and embarrassing at the same time. Where shall i look for
the solution?

it is a samba-2.2.7a-8.9.0 if it does matter at all

thanks a lot

                                 mailto:zsolt.balla at plazakommunikacio.hu

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