[Samba] Mac OS X canonically decomposed UTF-16 filenames

Paul Lindner lindner at inuus.com
Sun May 11 02:46:44 GMT 2003


I'd like to find some way for Samba to convert the filenames created
by Macintosh OS X into something windows can use.

According to their docs:


filenames are stored as

   canonically decomposed Unicode 2.1 in UTF-16 format (a sequence of
   16-bit codes)

Samba running on a mac seems to work okay.  It's when I write data to
an NFS volume where I get in trouble.  I'm running samba on a linux
that exports NFS shares for Mac systems.

So.. my question is:

  * Did Apple patch Samba?  Or is the libc doing something to convert
    the characters?

  * I'm trying to get Samba 3.0 to work.  Does anyone know which, if
    any iconv encoding can deal with the on-disk format of mac

An example filename is available at:



this should appear as:


(assuming the iso-8859-1 encoding of this email message works...)

Any and all help on this is appreciated...

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