[Samba] Winbind + KDE + GNOME

Patrick Gunerud slu at firerun.net
Sun May 11 02:04:20 GMT 2003

This may be too late, but I found another way to do this that dose not 
require adding entries to the /etc/passwd file.  If you use primarily 
one domain then add the "winbind use default domain = yes"  to the 
smb.conf file.  This will allow using just the username and not the 
DOMAIN+user to login.  With that option set gdm will allow the user to 
login jut fine.

Hope this helps.


Peter Milburn wrote:

>HI all 
>I have got kde + gnome logging in using winbind, the only issue I am having
>is that I am still required to have a entry in the /etc/passwd file. Does
>anyone know how I can get around this.

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