[Samba] Windows client/ samba server name resolving issue

Maurice Wehbe MWehbe at ifrmonitoring.com
Fri May 2 17:06:12 GMT 2003

Hi everybody,

Here is what i do:
I have i debian linux/samba server 2.2.x
This server also managed our primary dns server
I am using linux hosts file to let local network make difference between
public ip given by bind and local ip that i put in hosts file.

Let's say i have: www.domaine1.com
I want local network users to got local ip as the ip address
and let internet outside people to got public ip address

in hosts i create a line like:
<local ip address>    www.domaine1.com

But when pinging from windows clients it always give public ip address, it
seems not using linux hosts file.
It only works well when pinging directly on the server.

host.conf already have: order hosts,bind
And in smb.conf i also put: name resolve order = hosts wins bcast

Will be great to have any suggestion about this.

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