[Samba] Samba 3.0 and pdbedit

John H Terpstra jht at samba.org
Fri May 2 18:53:03 GMT 2003

On Fri, 2 May 2003, Devin wrote:

> I am running Samba 3.0 Alpha 23 and I am trying to figure out
> how to update my account so that it will list an NT username
> next to my account? When I run the command:

The NT username field in the samba SAM is presently not used at all.
It is a placeholder for future use.

- John T.

> pdbedit -l -v dreamboy -d0  I get the following output:
> Unix username:        dreamboy
> NT username:
> Account Flags:        [U          ]
> User ID/Group ID:     1887/100
> User SID:             S-1-5-21-542177048-4112657247-3143958688-4774
> Primary Group SID:    S-1-5-32-545
> Full Name:            Devin Atencio
> Home Directory:       \\firebat\dreamboy
> HomeDir Drive:
> Logon Script:
> Profile Path:         \\firebat\dreamboy\profile
> Domain:               AROS-NG
> It appears that the NT Username is blank, how do I get this changed? Any
> help would greatly be appreciated.

John H Terpstra
Email: jht at samba.org

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