[Samba] How to Preserve File - Timestamp

ralf_thiele at gmx.de ralf_thiele at gmx.de
Fri May 2 11:44:48 GMT 2003

Hello Samba-Users and Developers,
i have searched in FAQs, Google, man smb.conf ... but can't
solve my problem:
When I copy a file from Win2K to Samba 2.0.6 @ Linux 2.2.14,
the file timestamp ist set to the time, i copied the file. When I do 
the same to a Win2K-Share, the file timestamp is the same as the 
original file. The Options 
   dos filetimes = yes
   dos filetime resolution = yes
don't solve the problem.
Has anyone an idea, what to do ? Please don't say, its better to see 
the write time ! Some users want to see the original file date on the 
Thanks in advance
Ralf Thiele

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