[Samba] 100GB incremental backups

David Brodbeck DavidB at mail.interclean.com
Fri Mar 21 16:36:54 GMT 2003

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> From: Tom Schaefer [mailto:tom at umsl.edu]

> Why is this?  Is it by design for some reason or a bug?  It 
> seems like a bug to me.

I agree it sounds like a bug.  But...

> Every client PC on campus has 
> Norton Anti Virus installed and I think my huge incremental 
> backups are coming from PCs that have used NAV that day to 
> scan their Samba "network drives" thus resetting the ctime on 
> every file that is scanned and therefore every scanned file 
> that day becomes part of the incremental backup to tape that evening.

This seems really inefficient from a network usage standpoint.  Why are you
having workstations scan your network drives?  I could see having one do it,
if you have no server-side antivirus software, but having all of them do it
seems a bit excessive.

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