[Samba] Re: 100GB incremental backups

Tom Schaefer tom at umsl.edu
Fri Mar 21 17:09:41 GMT 2003

> This seems really inefficient from a network usage standpoint.  Why are you
> having workstations scan your network drives?  I could see having one do it,
> if you have no server-side antivirus software, but having all of them do it
> seems a bit excessive.

Thats what the PC people do.  Every PC has NAV installed and a periodically scheduled full scan is a NAV default.  Maybe it will come to getting the PC people to configure NAV on PCs not to scan network drives for viruses but advancing the position that we should NOT be scanning for viruses is going to be a difficult one to take politically.  

Really I don't think its so bad if they do scan their own network drives for viruses because I have been mounting up the entire shared space of the samba server as a single huge read only network drive myself my Win2000 system and scanning all 400GB of files.  It takes literally 5 entire days if you do a full scan checking all files and inside compressed files.  Fortunately though, also what I have discovered is that when the samba share is read only then scanning files for viruses does not reset their ctime.

But anyway, if a user gets a virus in a samba share they have access to, it might take me a week or more to discover it, so if they are doing some scanning of their own they can catch it that much quicker.

Tom Schaefer

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