[Samba] Shares with long names not accessible from winNT...

Satish K. Pagare Satish.Pagare at Oracle.COM
Fri Mar 21 09:50:53 GMT 2003

Hi All,

     I have the following section in my smb.conf file:
[Satish' Hindi Alltime Hits - Gems]
path                    = /mnt/d-drive/Music/Satish' Hindi Alltime Hits 
browseable              = yes
public                  = yes
readonly                = yes
guest ok                = yes

I am able to browse this share through win2k but not from winNT.
But If I change the share name to [Satish] , basically a short name
I am able to browse it thru winnt as well. Is this expected behaviour?
Any workaround, solutions ?

Thanks in advance,

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