[Samba] problem with samba 2.2.7 and later

Pascal Maes Pascal.Maes at elec.ucl.ac.be
Thu Mar 20 07:21:20 GMT 2003


We are running samba 2.2.3 and we would like to upgrade because of the
security problems.

We made an attempt to upgrade to the 2.2.7 version but with the same
compilation options and with the same configuration file (smb.conf),
we are unable to enter into any directory : we get the message

	F:\Directory not accessible
	Incorrect Function

I didn't find anything in the logfile.

We have the same problem with the new 2.2.8 version

OS : Solaris 8
Clients : all windows boxes (NT, 2000, XP)

Remark : it works with the 3.0alpha21 version.

Any idea ?
-- Pascal --

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