[Samba] Weird (again)

Igor Debacker igor at ccj.ufsc.br
Tue Mar 11 18:10:59 GMT 2003

hi guys,

sorry for this "again" stuff.. 

but some days ago before i went into a travel i posted some questions here.. but could
not find a good answer to solve my problems..

i'll re-write the story so new ppl can help me..

i have a linux box which was my alpha machine, after configuring
winbind and samba to log into the nt 2k server i cloned this linux box, so i
could be able to install it in other machines .. at this moment everything was working fine..

i installed it in other 5 machines .. changed their netbios and ip,
but when i tryed to use these new machines .. only the last machine i turn on
could be able to log in.. in some way they were conflicting.. 

some list member told me it was something with SID, i tryed to delete MACHINE.SID and
re-starting the service, but it did not work.. 

so i looked for machines in my network neighborhood using my win2k server, but they 
were not there.. only my alpha machine name is there.. 

i looked into the active directory, and they were not there either, so now i need to
add each one of these new machines to the domain.. 

i already tryed smbpasswd -j domain -r pdcname -U admin ..
but it did not create their registers in the active directory.

one more thing.. when i ping my alpha machine name (ping
machine_name) it always returns me the last turned on machine ip.

i think i just need an efective way of joining these machines to the
domain, an way which they'll be registered in the active directory, as i did
with my alpha machine .. i don't know what i am missing..

thanx for help..

any idea ?


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