[Samba] How are Browse lists maintained for Multiple Domains?

Steve Williams swilliams at rinax.com
Tue Mar 11 17:47:27 GMT 2003


I have read all I can find about browsing (BROWSING.txt, 
BROWSING-Config.txt, SWAT pages, etc.

There are many discussions on the precise dynamics involved in Local 
Master Browsers synchronising with a Domain Master Browser (in a 
cross-subnet environment).

I am trying to understand the mechanism that is used when there are 
Multiple Domains on the same network, and how the Browse List is 
populated with other domains.

EG, on our single Class C address, we have a "PRODUCTION" domain and a 
"DEVELOPMENT" workgroup (and a few others).  On Windows 2000 when I go 
into the "Microsoft Windows Network", I can see all the 
workgroups/domains, and am able to browse to them.

Presumably a Domain Master Browser is sending a broadcast packet out 
indicating that it is a Domain Master Browser for it's particular 
domain/workgroup and all the other DMB's see that packet and add it to 
their browse list.

How does this work in an WINS environment?  Or does it?

By my understanding, when my (non-DMB) PC wants to browse the network, 
it sends out a request for __MSBROWSE__<01>.  I can see this happening by
# ./nmblookup -M -
querying __MSBROWSE__ on __MSBROWSE__<01> __MSBROWSE__<01> __MSBROWSE__<01> __MSBROWSE__<01> __MSBROWSE__<01>

Presumably the client then queries each DMB in turn asking for the name 
of the Domain it is serving.

Does a similar thing happen if nmblookup (or a PC) is quering a WINS 
server?  The WINS server will return ALL records that match 
__MSBROWSE__<01> ?

I am pretty sure it has to, but want to confirm.

Unfortunately, I do not have a test environment where I can experiment. 
  I am in the preliminary stages of planning a WAN deployment of Samba. 
  I will be making a test environment as a "proof of concept" before I 
deploy this, but in the planning stages, I would like to know all I can.

Steve Williams
Rinax Systems

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