[Samba] Weird (again)

Morgan Toal toalm at burlington.dst.ia.us
Wed Mar 12 14:51:20 GMT 2003

Igor Debacker wrote:

> i installed it in other 5 machines .. changed their netbios and ip,
> but when i tryed to use these new machines .. only the last machine i turn on
> could be able to log in.. in some way they were conflicting.. 

One issue may be duplicate netbios machine names. 
They do need to be unique within the workgroup.

Control Panel | Network and Dialup | Advanced | Network Identification

Are you cloning your w2k workstations?

If so, you need to run SYSPREP to generate a new SID and other stuff.
This actually works reasonably well.

See http://www.microsoft.com/windows2000/downloads/tools/sysprep/default.asp


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