[Samba] login as a service to win2k & domain user manager

Jim Wharton jim at dsc.mine.nu
Thu Mar 6 01:20:26 GMT 2003

Under NT, you could do it through User Manager for Domains. You would select
the user and pull down the Policy menu and select User Rights. Then after
checking view advanced privleges, you could add "Logon as batch Job" ...very
useful for Oracle and other overnight import/export jobs.

In Windows 2000, logon as batch job is assigned from the 'Local Security
Policy' folder.
Open the Control Panel from the Start menu
Open 'Administrative Tools'
Open 'Local Security Policy'
Open 'Local Policies'
Open 'User Rights Assignment'
Right-click 'Log on as batch job' from the list. Click the 'Add' button;
select the User who is to be granted this privilege. Click Add and click OK.

I have never tried this with Samba, but I've had to mess with this feature a
lot lately... Oracle requires it for import/export.


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> On Wed, 5 Mar 2003, Jason Norred wrote:
> > Hello Samba Administrators,
> >
> > I'm currently running a Samba PDC ver 2.2.7. I have a couple of issues
> > that I'm trying to find some resolution on.
> >
> > First, I need to be able to have a domain user be able to login to my
> > Win2k clients as a service. I can do this by going to each client and
> > configuring the Local Security Policy on EACH and EVERY client machine.
> > This is obviously not a good solution. On a Win2k server I could use the
> > User Manager for Domains tool, but that tool does not work yet in full
> > with samba.
> Please help us to understand precisely what you are trying to achieve
> here. More importantly, please give us a step by step explanation of how
> you currently do this in a pure Microsoft world.
> > Secondly, how can I add a Domain User to the Local Win2k client
> > computer's Power Users Group??? Again, I see how to do that at each
> > machine locally. Is there a way to implement this network-wide?
> How do you do this now? Your answer here might help use to find a solution
> for you.
> - John T.
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