[Samba] Samba over IPX/NetBeui

Tirant tirant at menta.net
Tue Mar 4 17:16:32 GMT 2003


Is it possible to run SAMBA over IPX/NetBeui? (I will thank any suggestion)

I hava an small LAN of 3 computers, connected to the Internet through a Cable-modem with DHCP (the cablemodem and the computers are all connected to a hub). The CableModem assigns every computer a random public IP adress, but usually from diferent range (ie: 212.78.x.x, 62.57.x.x, etc), so I cannot get SAMBA or NetBIOS over TCP/IP to work.

I used to share some files with Windows using NetBios over IPX (and eventually NetBeui), while being connected to the Internet. But now my computer only has Linux installed, and the only way I have find to share files, is to assign manually an IP adress to every computer (192.168.0.x) to get SAMBA working. That's tedious, because I have to do it on every computer.

My mid-term/long-term solution is to get a router with a Wireless AP, and switch included.

Thanks everybody, and excuse my English.

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