[Samba] Support for AD native mode.

Jim McDonough jmcdsmb at maine.rr.com
Tue Mar 4 18:55:12 GMT 2003

On Tue, 2003-03-04 at 11:59, Perea, Tony wrote:
> I was trying to find out which version of samba, if any is supported in an
> Active Directory native mode environment?  We currently are running mixed
> mode with NT4 domain controllers but want to switch over ASAP.  
Samba 2.2 can run in an Active Directory Native Mode environment. It
will use the NT-compatiblity pieces of Win2k. Remember that mixed vs.
native mode is about Domain Controllers, not member servers.  There is a
different setting that deals with this, which presents itself in
different ways: at dcpromo time, a question is asked if you have any
pre-win2k servers; or by inclusion/exclusion of the builtin "everyone"
in the "pre windows 2000 compatible access" group (this way you can
change your mind).  Even if you choose this, it doesn't disable the
NT-compatibility code.  It just requires authenticated connections even
for listing resources, getting user lists, etc. which NT doesn't do (but
samba 2.2 can do, through a wbinfo setting).
> I was curious if samba authenticated to a kerberos WIN2K domain controller.
A related, but not completely identical, issue.  Samba 3.0 (not yet
released) will do this.

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