[Samba] Samba over IPX/NetBeui

Jim Morris jim at morris-world.com
Tue Mar 4 20:17:24 GMT 2003

On Tue, 2003-03-04 at 11:16, Tirant wrote:

> Is it possible to run SAMBA over IPX/NetBeui? (I will thank any suggestion)

At this time, no.  This question came up on the list not too long ago. 
Apparently at some time in the past, someone made some patches available
to allow an old version of Samba to work over either IPX or NETBEUI (I
forget which).

However, Samba is pretty much restricted to operation using a TCP
socket.  It would require a lot of work to modify it to support another

> My mid-term/long-term solution is to get a router with a Wireless AP,
> and switch included.

Until you can have all of the computers in the same subnet, I don't
think you will find an easy solution.  Your idea of getting a router is
probably best. Of course, you could just do that using your Linux PC, by
adding a 2nd ethernet card.  I use a Linux system with 2 ethernet cards
as my ADSL router - I tried a Netgear Wireless Router (MR314) for a
while, and it was not nearly as reliable as the Linux box when it came
to keeping the connection up.

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