[Samba] Strange UID/GID mapping in Samba-3beta1 and Win2003 server

Patrik Gustavsson PS Sweden Senior Technical Consultant Patrik.Gustavsson at sun.com
Mon Jun 23 10:13:13 GMT 2003

Yes, I'm running winbindd and it's defined in nsswitch.conf.


Andrew Bartlett wrote:

>On Mon, 2003-06-23 at 19:10, Patrik Gustavsson PS Sweden Senior
>Technical Consultant wrote:
>>I have strange uid/gid problem.
>>I am testing Samba 3-beta1 and Samba is ADS member to W2003 server.
>>Everythings work, wbinfo, getent passwd and so on.
>>Now to the problem:
>>When I list the users with getent passwd I get:
>>When I list the users with wbinfo -u
>>When I am using a W2k client and log into the W20003 Server and access a 
>>share on Samba with my user (patrikg)
>>is remaped to
>>pgpc ( connect to service profiles initially as user 
>>TEST.SE\patrikg (uid=10006, gid=10003)
>>That uid 10006 and group 10003 can't be displayed with getent passwd and 
>>getent group.
>>Why do I get uid 10006 when I should have 10004 ?
>This looks like you are not running winbindd, and have found the bugs in
>beta 1.  This has been fixed in current Samba 3.0 CVS.  
>If you were running winbind, was it configured in nsswitch?
>Andrew Bartlett

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