[Samba] Strange UID/GID mapping in Samba-3beta1 and Win2003 server

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Mon Jun 23 09:43:18 GMT 2003

On Mon, 2003-06-23 at 19:10, Patrik Gustavsson PS Sweden Senior
Technical Consultant wrote:
> I have strange uid/gid problem.
> I am testing Samba 3-beta1 and Samba is ADS member to W2003 server.
> Everythings work, wbinfo, getent passwd and so on.
> Now to the problem:
> When I list the users with getent passwd I get:
> Administrator:x:10000:10000:Administrator:/global/mnt1/SAMBA/home/TEST.SE/administrator:/bin/sh
> Guest:x:10001:10002:Guest:/global/mnt1/SAMBA/home/TEST.SE/guest:/bin/sh
> krbtgt:x:10002:10000:krbtgt:/global/mnt1/SAMBA/home/TEST.SE/krbtgt:/bin/sh
> root:x:10003:10000:root:/global/mnt1/SAMBA/home/TEST.SE/root:/bin/sh
> patrikg:x:10004:10000:patrik 
> Gustavsson:/global/mnt1/SAMBA/home/TEST.SE/patrikg:/bin/sh
> fmuser:x:10005:10000:fmuser:/global/mnt1/SAMBA/home/TEST.SE/fmuser:/bin/sh
> When I list the users with wbinfo -u
> Administrator
> Guest
> krbtgt
> root
> patrikg
> fmuser
> When I am using a W2k client and log into the W20003 Server and access a 
> share on Samba with my user (patrikg)
> is remaped to
> pgpc ( connect to service profiles initially as user 
> TEST.SE\patrikg (uid=10006, gid=10003)
> That uid 10006 and group 10003 can't be displayed with getent passwd and 
> getent group.
> Why do I get uid 10006 when I should have 10004 ?

This looks like you are not running winbindd, and have found the bugs in
beta 1.  This has been fixed in current Samba 3.0 CVS.  

If you were running winbind, was it configured in nsswitch?

Andrew Bartlett

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