[Samba] paid-for-print

Kurt Pfeifle kpfeifle at danka.de
Mon Jun 23 09:43:09 GMT 2003

> [Samba] paid-for-print
> Julian Tzonev uli at naval-acad.bg
> Mon Jun 23 11:19:46 GMT 2003
> Hi there,
> I'm newbie in Samba, so I beg for your excuse if my questions are
> stupid.
> Is it possible to use Samba as a "paid-for-print" server?

Not "out-of-the-box". I'd know how to do it if you give me to
days to fiddle with it.

> If U know something about another free "paid-for-print" software, please
> let me know.

1. There is "printbill" -- now with initial, but still limited CUPS support:

printbill is GPL and actively maintained and developed.

2. Then there is "pycota" -- developed for CUPS originally:

pycota is GPL in source code, and you can compile and setup yourself, but
it is poorly documented. The author sells a pre-compiled version plus
documentation and support under a "shareware" type license, I believe.
pycota is actively maintained and developed.

3. Lastly, "printquota". It only supports LPRng:

printquota is GPL and actively maintained and developed.

> 10x in advance,
> --
> Julian


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