[Samba] LAN Browsing shows IP Addresses instead of Computer Names.

Mega Spaz megaspaz2000 at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 19 01:04:39 GMT 2003

hmm.... looks like I'm gonna do it how I did it before and just add the ip 
address and computer name pairs in /etc/hosts and have my router assign 
static ip addresses.  Thanks for all the suggestions.  you guys are great.

Although, I'd still like to know how MS Network Neighborhood does it.  I 
don't want to set up my linux box as a server of any type since it's a 
laptop and is often taken out of the network when I travel.  I mean let's 
just say for the sake of argument, that i've got a linux machine and a 
windows 98SE computer.  How does Network Neighborhood get the computer name 
of my linux machine?  Since I'm know I didn't set up the windows computer 
with any DNS or WINS server.  but i'll go with what works for both. Any 
thoughts, please feel free to post 'em. =)


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>Subject: [Samba] LAN Browsing shows IP Addresses instead of Computer Names.
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> > From: "Mega Spaz" <megaspaz2000 at hotmail.com>
> > Subject: [Samba] LAN Browsing shows IP Addresses instead of Computer
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> > I'm trying to figure out how I can have my lan browser display computer
> > names instead of IP Addresses.  I think the ip addresses are generated
>by my
> > router since if I add a new computer, the ip addresses will be
>different for
> > each computer.  anyway let me give you the specs first.  Running Samba
> > 2.2.8a-1 on Red Hat 7.3.  I have not set up WINS or DNS at all.
>That's your problem, reverse lookups need to work, either via DNS or
>nss_wins (apparently it works without a WINS server, in which case it
>used broadcasts).
>I don't know is RH ships with a working nss_wins, if they do, it should
>work by adding "wins" to the hosts line of your /etc/nsswitch.conf file.
>BTW, setting up working reverse DNS would be a better solution, for
>services that don't use get*ent, but direct DNS lookups.
> > I have set
> > up lisarc to use nmblookup.  I'm assuming that my network is using
> > broadcasting to get computers in my LAN since i have not set up any
> > names in hosts or lmhosts.  The current set up works right now in that
> > computers come up and can be browsed independant of the ip addresses
> > assigned to the computers.  ie. if computer Tron is up on the network,
> > then I boot up Sark, Sark will show up at the first next broadcast.
>but the
> > computers show up in konqueror as ip addresses, not as Tron and Sark.  
> > very old first setup attempt had me manually adding ip addresses and
> > manually in the /etc/hosts file.  but that would mess up the lan
>browsing if
> > another new computer was added to the network.  So if Sark is 
> > and Tron is and let's say my brother brings his laptop and
>i put
> > his laptop on the network, the ip addresses on the network will change 
> > something like Sark =, Tron = and my brother's
> > laptop maybe something like Bros_comp =  but the /etc/hosts
> > file will have the old assignments which really messes up the browsing
> >   Anyway right now i think i have it set up almost right since i can
> > the network and the computers on the network will be found no matter the
> > time they are actually booted up, but ip addresses in the lan browsing
> > very useful and I would like to see the computer names displayed in
>the lan
> > browsing in konqueror.  thank you for your patience, time, and any
>help you
> > can provide.
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